Frequently asked questions:

If you have a question not covered here or you want more information contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Q:  Do you organise courier pickups?  How much notice do we need to give?

A:  We can arrange pickup of samples either by our own drivers or by courier depending on the location.  We prefer notice the previous day so that we can organise things but we know that emergencies happen and we will try to accommodate same day requests.

Q:  What is your cut off time for same day testing?

A:  If samples are received before 4 pm they will be tested same day.

Q:  How long will it take to get test results back?

A:  The time it takes to get results back depends on the testing required.  Some tests require more time than others due to the testing procedure.

Q:  Who will you tell our results to?

A:  Your test results are yours and we do not disclose test results to third parties without your permission.  The exemption being if a notifiable pathogen is detected.  If this occurs we are required by law to notify the relevant authorities.

Q:  Why don’t you test raw meat samples?

A:  By excluding raw meat testing, we are able to minimize the risk of cross contamination between raw and processed samples.  There have been cases in other laboratories where samples have been inadvertently contaminated and we feel the best way to avoid this is to exclude raw meat from our laboratory.