Privacy and Niche Food Microbiology

Who we are:

Niche Food Microbiology are specialists in Food Microbiology testing.  We provide food and environmental testing to businesses and other interested parties.

In conducting our business, we collect, use and disclose personal information.  We understand the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of this information to our customers.  For the purposes of this policy, we have made no distinction between the handling of personal information and company sensitive information and all information shall be referred to as ‘personal information.’

This privacy policy explains how we comply with our obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 in managing your personal and sensitive information.

Collection of information:

Niche Food Microbiology recognise that the information we collect may be of a highly sensitive nature and we act to maintain the highest level of compliance relevant to ensure that your information is protected.  This includes information that identifies or is capable of identifying our clients, our client’s customer’s employees, vendors with whom we work.

Niche Food Microbiology may collect personal information of individuals for the purpose of reporting and invoicing.  This information may include but is not limited to:

  • Person’s name
  • Company name
  • Physical and postal address
  • Phone numbers
  • Email address

Sensitive information collected may include but is not limited to:

  • Company name and contact details
  • Billing information
  • Product information such as
    • Product name, and batch number
    • Test results
    • Formulations
    • Processing details
    • Shelf life data

Use and disclosure of information

Primary purpose:

Personal information collected by Niche Food Microbiology may be used and disclosed:

For the purpose of sending information, reports and invoices to customers and where requested the sending of newsletters.

Subcontracting of testing:

Niche Food Microbiology may subcontract testing and analysis to agencies when it requires skills outside the scope of Niche Food Microbiology and as such your personal information may be disclosed to these entities.  You will be informed prior to samples being sent to subcontractors.

Training and research:

We may use your personal information for internal teaching purposes or to monitor, evaluate and improve the services we provide.

With consent we may use personal information for the purposes of academic research in collaboration with other parties such as Universities.  This will only use de-identified information (information that does not contain any information that could reasonably identify you or your company) for these purposes unless the customer otherwise authorises.

Regulatory and Law enforcement obligations:

Niche Food Microbiology may use or disclose personal information when liaising with regulatory or health authorities as required by law.

Accessing your information/ Complaints:

You may request access to personal information we hold about you.  You can also request that corrections be made to it and we will respond to your request within a reasonable time.

To access your information or to complain about a possible breach of the policy, contact:
Niche Food Microbiology
99 Muriel ave
Moorooka, Qld, 4105

Phone: 3107 9928