SA Health issues new alert over bean sprouts produced by Adelaide company Star Tu as Salmonella cases surge.

19 May 2016

* Packaged sprouts sold by Thebarton producer Star Tu — their 2nd recall this year.

* Salmonella Saintpaul samples found in packaged bean sprouts.

* Since Dec15, 271 cases of Salmonella Saintpaul notified to SA Health resulting in 47 people being admitted to hospital. SA usually sees 15 to 20 cases each year.

* Initial investigations indicated raw bean sprouts

* Star Tu factory +ve Salmonella from equipment swab.


Listeriosis cluster in Sydney linked to hospital food.

Med J Aust 2015; 202 (8): 448-449.

* Listeriosis in 3 patients in different tertiary hospitals

* An environmental swab from supplier company X was +ve for L. innocua during regular in-house testing, and a chocolate profiterole (CP) tested positive for Listeria species

* Data from the menu database showed that all three patients had ordered CPs

* PCR testing of the CP left over from the batch ordered by the patients returned a presumptive positive result for L. monocytogenes, but repeat testing later indicated that this had been a false positive.

* Listeria was detected in 7 environmental samples from Company X’s premises, and L. monocytogenes was detected in a further two environmental samples from the production facility;

* molecular subtyping of one of these samples (binary typing, MLVA and PFGE) were identical with those of the clinical specimens.

* desserts from Company X were withdrawn from all Sydney hospitals

* CPs were initially identified as the likely vehicle of transmission based on presumptive positive PCR results. When the PCR result was later deemed a false positive, chocolate profiteroles could no longer be viewed as the definite source of infection. Three further pieces of evidence nevertheless justified the decision to temporarily remove the products of Company X from hospital menus: the matching molecular profiles of isolates from the patients and from environmental samples from Company X; the patients’ food consumption histories; and the detection by Company X of Listeria species in a profiterole produced on 2 April. There were no further infections after this decision was taken.

* This cluster of infections highlights the need for vigilant regulation and approval processes for food suppliers who service hospital populations.


US/Can -Use of Whole Genome Sequencing and Patient Interviews To Link a Case of Sporadic Listeriosis to Consumption of Prepackaged Lettuce.

Journal of Food Protection. May 2016, pp. 696-889, pp. 806-809(4).

* multinational investigation found that patient and food isolates from the recalled product were indistinguishable by PFGE and were highly related by WGS

* first time prepackaged lettuce has been identified as a likely source for listeriosis.


US/Can/Mex/EU – Huge recall of frozen fruits and vegetables after Listeria outbreak

Posted by Doug Powell on 05/22/2016 from Barfblog

* ENORMOUS Listeria recall of frozen produce packed by CRF Frozen Foods in Pasco, Wash.,

* Processing plant, voluntarily recalled more than 350 frozen foods — including carrots, onions, peaches and strawberries — that were sold in all 50 states and Canada and Mexico, and the EU.

* CDC says the scale of the recall reflects severity of outbreak + contaminated food component of other products.

* Recall began on April 23, with 11 frozen vegetables, but was significantly expanded on May 2.

* Eight sick, 56 to 86 years old, resulted in hospitalizations.

* 2 died, but the authorities did not directly attribute their deaths to Listeria because already had weakened immune systems or other illnesses

* Company stopped production after being notified by federal officials that frozen vegetables produced there had been linked by genetic testing to several people who had infections

* FDA inspection report… includes … blue tape being used as a temporary repair on a cracked metal plate above a consumer pack line that was repacking product for export at the time of the inspection.

* “The materials and workmanship of equipment and utensils does not allow proper cleaning and maintenance,” according to the report.

* Investigations ongoing to determine potential incoming Listeria sources, such as onions

* MAR2016 FDA environmental samples in onion facility collected by FDA closely related genetically to seven of the isolates of ill people associated with this outbreak

* Wholesale onion products recalled, which led to subsequent downstream customer recalls


UK An Outbreak of Human Listeriosis in England between 2010 and 2012 Associated with the Consumption of Pork Pies

Journal of Food Protection®, Number 5, May 2016, pp. 696-889, pp. 732-740(9

* Listeriosis in England 14 people

* Outbreak strain recovered from samples of finished product and from environmental samples collected from the manufacturer.

* Likely source of contamination was environmental sites within the manufacturing environment, and the contamination was associated with the process of adding gelatin to the pies after cooking.

* Inadequate temperature control and poor hygienic practices at one of the retailers were also identified as possible contributory factors allowing growth of the pathogen.




Mermaid Beach Bangkok Thai owner has ordered to pay more than $20,000 23May2016

*  Southport Magistrates Court 3 counts of failing to comply with food standards codes.

*  Thai restaurant in a “gross level of filth” with food waste, dirt, grime and rodent droppings on tables used to prepare food.

*  Magistrate Costanzo said food safety inspectors had been too lenient in their approach to the business and inspections had not been done frequently enough.


UK Disgusting conditions uncovered at curry house after pools of blood and cobwebs found  9Apr16

* £33,000 fine after health inspectors found pools of blood in a freezer and cobwebs on lights

* Uncovered boxes of prawns, chicken and rice were also discovered along with containers of curry sauce stored on the floor and a dirty sink containing disgusting cloths and sponges.


UK – Peanut curry death: Restaurant owner jailed 24May2016

* “Reckless” restaurant owner jailed for 6 years for death of customer who had an allergic reaction to a curry.

* Guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence and six food safety offences.

* Paul Wilson, 38, tried to make himself sick when he realised he hadn’t got what he ordered but died of severe anaphylactic shock

* Restauranteur cut corners by using cheaper ingredients containing peanuts and by employing untrained, illegal workers

* Customer specified “no nuts” when he ordered a chicken tikka masala – an instruction which was written on his order and on the lid of his takeaway.

* He died three weeks after a different customer with a peanut allergy had a reaction requiring hospital treatment.

* The restaurateur had a “reckless and cavalier attitude to risk” and “put profit before safety”.

*”You have done so in such a manner as to bring about the death of another individual”, said the judge.

* Parents “numb, shock and disbelief”. I feel robbed that I won’t share the rest of my life with Paul”,” Keith Wilson said.

* Mrs Wilson said her son was “meticulous” about dealing with peanuts after a reaction to a chocolate bar at the age of seven.

* She said the smell of peanuts, or accidentally drinking from the same glass as someone who was eating them, could trigger a reaction.

* It’s taken this case to emphasise just how serious a peanut allergy can be. Mistakes can be fatal.

* He said the case was thought to be a legal first, setting a precedent for the food industry.


US FOOD FRAUD – A $5 Million Lawsuit Claims Goya’s Canned Octopus is Actually Squid May 17, 2016

* Goya Foods Inc accused of cheating consumers by selling canned octopus products that actually contain cheaper, lower quality jumbo squid.

* “Independent DNA testing” confirmed that the largest Hispanic-owned U.S.

food company made the switch, according to a complaint filed late Wednesday in the federal court in San Jose, California.

* The lawsuit seeks at least $5 million of damages.



IMPORTED Failing Food Reports MARCH 2016 – Micro.

Product description – COUNTRY – Organism

*Mozzarella di bufala campana cheese – ITALY –  E.coli 80, 190, 220, 130, 210  cfu/g

*Dried mussel  – CHINA – E.coli <0.30, <0.30, <0.30, >110, 9.3  MPN/g

* Smoked salmon – NORWAY – L. monocytogenes D<100, ND, D<100, ND, ND  /25g

* Dried oysters – CHINA –  E.coli <2.3, <2.3, <2.3, 9.3, <2.3  MPN/g

* Black tiger cooked & peeled prawns – BANGLADESH – Vibrio cholerae Detected /125g

FSANZ Consumer level recalls


MAY 1-23 2016

* Skyluck -Dried satay chilli – peanut

* Sunshine Sprouts Star Tu – Bean Sprouts – Salmonella

* V&S – Yayla and Try Me Yoghurt – E. coli

* Ardmona – Whole Peeled Vine Ripened Tomatoes – risk of injury

*Sweetlife – Perfect Sweet Chocolate Bake Mix – almond

* Streets – Blue Ribbon ice cream tubs – plastic

* Coles – Chicken Breast Tenders – soy