In our team we have microbiologists experienced in undertaking onsite environmental sampling and have special experience in Listeria monitoring.

We are available for one off audits as well as ongoing routine sampling as part of your monitoring program.  We can assist in developing your sampling plan for you to comply with any requirements that you have.

We offer:

  • sampling of surfaces for hygiene monitoring as well as pathogen detection.
  • air testing for: bacteria, yeast and mould and;
  • water sampling.
  • staff training in swabbing techniques.

Detection if one part of the puzzle, our microbiologists  are able to work with you through to identify areas of concern and assist in finding solutions that may work for your business.  In many cases minor changes to practices can result in large improvements and we will endeavour to assist you where we can.

To find out more about how we can help your business, contact us.